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Billing Questions

To understand a bill you've received, the best way to start is to compare the bill to the explanation of benefits statement from your insurance carrier. They should match. If you don't understand why your insurance paid the way they did, please call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card and ask them to explain it to you. Although we are glad to help you, it is important that you understand that, technically speaking, it is your responsibility to understand your insurance plan benefits and how your plan works. With that said, we look forward to helping you. There are a variety of ways you can contact us.

  • Correspond with us securely using the Patient Portal. Log in using the user account you received at our office, then choose Contact Us, New Message, and the Billing Department. (Email is not HIPAA-compliant.)
  • Call (425) 821-6363, press 3 for Billing, and leave a detailed voicemail. It is actually more efficient for us to research the issue and call you back once we ourselves understand it. We'll return your call within one business day.
  • Hand-write your question on your patient pay stub and mail it in. We will write you back!